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rabbithole_js's Journal

Through The Rabbit Hole
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Random bits and bobs of fun for all.
We (the maintainers) are two sisters who have a love for random bits and bobs of fun stuff - be it YouTube clips, fanfiction or recipes - and when we say random, we really mean it: anything and everything from TV shows and movies to books and politics. This community is our way of sharing those bits and bobs both with each other as well as with the rest of our world, friends, family and otherwise. We dabble in multiple fandoms and are always open to new suggestions. Do feel free to contact us about either said suggestions or about joining the community.

Why this particular community name, you ask? Apart from it being somewhat of a reference to Lewis Carrol's work (as an indicator of our relative insanity and randomness), it is also a tribute to our dearly beloved rabbits, Jojo (the J in the community address) and Sito (the S; sadly she passed away not long ago). Told you we're odd.